Don L. Jackson
P. O. Box 859
Yellville, AR 72687-0859

Update: 2017

Being retired from a long career involving microprocessors and microcontrollers, I very rarely seek or take on new clients. However, that being said, if you have an interesting small project, I might consider doing it for enjoyment and a reasonable amount of compensation for my time in my low overhead and relaxing northern Arkansas Ozarks. Yes, it's "cherry picking" but if I take on a project, you can be sure I will "give it my all". Feel free to contact me originally via email to discuss or inquire.

My involvement with micros started with the "original" Intel 4004, then the 8008, and on to the 8080 and eventual employment at Motorola Semiconductor (Phoenix) as Technical Trainer and Senior Applications Engineer for the 6800 and 68000 line of micros, and later I was a Senior Staff Engineer for their Microsystems group. For some years, I was an moonlighting instructor at several community colleges teaching microprocessors. Following that was a 6 year hitch as the Director of Engineering for a Scottsdale firm where I not only supervised others, but was totally responsible for products using microcontrollers from inception through PCB layout, firmware, software, manufacturing, testing, and field service.

One of my achievements for this firm was taking an existing product costing about $750 to manufacture with numerous quality and operational problems, and redesigning it to less than 1/10th the size, weight, and power consumpion and costing about $230 to manufacture with few problems. As far as I know, the original firmware code I wrote is still being used in this product, without any known bugs or changes required. The product passed FCC part 15 certification with flying colors on the first attempt. Well over $1 million sales the first year this product was sold and used a very large microcontroller and four FPGA chips.

I've had some reasonable luck in reverse-engineering several products and their firmware including a unique product for a client who had the last 3 left in the world.

Later, I was employed by a well known corporation and did work for them using the Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR in high production, embedded applications.

My current "love" in the microcontroller line is the Atmel AVR series, although I don't exclude other interesting ones, both new and old.

Azark Group consists of myself and a group of other professionals that I may call upon for areas of their expertise or to move a project through its phases more rapidly. My own capabilties include not only design, but also schematic capture and PCB board layout using EAGLE professional software.


Life Senior Member of the IEEE